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Hebrew Through Movement

Hebrew Through Movement is based on ways that children learn naturally: they learn by moving about and doing, they learn in an environment of positive emotional support, they learn when they feel safe from the embarrassment of not knowing, they learn when they can move forward at their own pace, they learn best when learning is joyful and playful, and they learn through songs, chants and rhythmic activities.
“[This type of Hebrew education] has been used in Jewish day schools, camps and supplementary schools, but generally with the goal of introducing Hebrew as a modern, spoken language. . . Hebrew Through Movement starts with a foundation in modern, spoken Hebrew but has as its goal making the prayers in our siddur, as well as synagogue and Jewish vocabulary, more easily accessible to those with limited learning time. Hebrew Through Movement is supported by the latest brain research on learning, providing an aural foundation for Hebrew that opens the door to more facile Hebrew decoding and reading.” This website features a free curriculum, demonstration videos, and the opportunity to join an online learning course about using Hebrew Through Movement.

Jewish Women’s Archive

At the “Jewish Women's Archive, we believe that education is empowerment. Only when we know our complete heritage can we understand our full potential. JWA develops educational resources that make the lives and accomplishments of Jewish women available and accessible to teachers and students alike.” There is a lot of great stuff here: in particular check out the following sections on JWA’s website: Go & Learn, Curricula, Mother-Daughter Activities and the Book Group Guides.

Media Midrash

Media Midrash offers Jewish and secular video and other media on a variety of Jewish topics. There are dozens of lesson plans to accompany videos on a dozen Jewish themes. It’s a fantastic, creative way to transmit Jewish knowledge the ways youth today learn best.

The Behrman House Online Learning Center and Resource Libraries

Behrman House is “an easy-to-use, formatted online system that will help you develop innovative approaches to lifelong Jewish learning.” Search for videos, articles, activities and lessons in the following categories: holidays, values, life cycle, ritual practices, history, Israel, Bible, rabbinic texts, Hebrew, contemporary Jewish thought, family education, and arts & culture.

Makom: The Place for Compelling Israel Education

Makon Isreal is “non-partisan yet passionate, our expert team offers a cutting- edge approach to rich, meaningful, experiential Israel education. We empower educators, rabbis, activists, arts and community leaders to articulate a compelling vision, and provide the tools to make it happen in practice. The content we create for leaders enables them to craft honest programming that sparks and forges Jewish commitment. Our mission is to realize the untapped potential of Israel and Jewish Peoplehood in our lives.”Makom is a partnership of Jewish Communities around the world and the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Makom Israel: Arts

"The Israeli popular arts offer us a perfect tool and vehicle for Israel engagement. Celebrating complexity, embracing multi-vocality, touching both head and heart, the potential is huge.“


G-DCAST is an animated versions of Torah portions and holiday stories. A fun option for reviewing stories in classrooms. G-DCast now has a Teachers' Guide for every episode available for purchase. These include Quiz Questions, Creative Art Projects, Text Selections for Chevruta Study, Critical Thinking Discussion Questions, and Synopses for Teachers to use when Planning. A free sample is available on the site.

United States Holocaust Museum

Online resources from the United States Holocaust Museum including: lessons, activities, teacher guides, The Holocaust Encyclopedia, on-line exhibitions, animated maps, Holocaust chronology [PDF], photos of artifacts [PDF], library, and an on-line teacher workshop.

Smart Board Jewish Educational Database

Legacy Heritage- A database of SMART Board lessons submitted by Jewish educators throughout the world. Lessons are searchable by subject, topic, grade, language and lesson or activity. Sponsored by Legacy Heritage.