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USCJ EC Vision Documentation Project

The Vision for Conservative Early Childhood Programs addresses the challenge of crafting an excellent early childhood program that is in total sync with a Conservative synagogue or Schechter school. Can The Vision help your school do this? Join the conversation as two schools document their use of The Vision as they address specific elements of their schools.

A S*P*A*R*K of Divinity

S*P*A*R*K stands for Spiritual*Playful*Artistic*Remarkable*Kind. This is a blog by early childhood educator and parent DJ Jensen about cultivating the S*P*A*R*Ks. “Within each child lies a spark of divinity, as we are created B'Tzelem Elohim, In the Image of God. Every child is special, and deserves the chance to find their spark. Reading this blog may help you learn to cultivate S*P*A*R*Ks in your early childhood program.

ADL's Miller Early Childhood Initiative of the a World Of Difference Institute

Through The Miller Early Childhood Initiative, ADL provides anti-bias workshops and materials designed to train early childhood educators, caregivers and family members to help children understand, respect and appreciate differences, recognizing that children may begin to develop prejudicial attitudes and behaviors during their formative years.

Teaching Torah to Young Children: Creating a Community of Learners

This is a case study of Shira Horowitz’s integrated approach of teaching kindergarten students Torah and early literacy skills simultaneously. Her goal is to find a way to teach each week’s parashah, linking the young students into a larger cycle practiced throughout the Jewish world. Ms. Horowitz is a teacher at South Area Solomon Schechter Day School (SASSDS) in Stoughton, MA. Sponsored by the Mandel Center for Studies in Jewish Education at Brandeis University.