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The Coalition of Innovating Congregations

“The Coalition of
Innovating Congregations leads the nation in creating powerful Jewish learning inspired by compelling visions of education. Our bold visions imagine a Jewish education for children and families that nurtures the whole of a person (knowledge, belief/values, action and a sense of a belonging). Over fifty congregations in Greater New York have committed themselves to creating high-impact models of education. We are innovators making positive, measurable differences in the lives of learners of all ages.” Both the Resources page and the Blog are particularly helpful.

Experiment in Congregational Education

“The ECE is an innovative project with over 10 years of pioneering experience in synagogue transformation. The ECE guides congregations to revitalize themselves by bringing Jewish learning to every aspect of congregational life. Now the ECE is expanding to reach even more congregations.” An initiative of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles.


“NewCAJE is ready to move forward with a new agenda for the 21st century. NewCAJE will not be the same as CAJE. It is a NEW century and there are NEW and different demands on Jewish educators. There are NEW technologies and NEW approaches and NEW students and a NEW generation of educators. We will explore all of these alternatives with an open heart. The seasoned educators are both mentoring and partnering with talented educators of the next generations. We will inspire each other and learn from each other. NewCAJE is a NEW beginning for Jewish education. NewCAJE will ask NEW questions and find NEW solutions to the problems old and NEW facing us. That is what the New in NewCAJE stands for.” NewCAJE offers terrific professional development webinars at modest prices as well as an online Journal of Jewish Education: The Jewish Educator.