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PJ Library

PJ Library has done a lot of the work for Jewish educators! On their website you can find strong and thoughtful recommendations of Jewish books and music for every age.

Association of Jewish Libraries Bibliography Bank

The Bibliography Bank was created to facilitate the sharing of bibliographies on Judaic topics among AJL members and the public at large. Go see if someone has created the bibliography you need! If so, download it! If not, add it yourself!

ADL’s Education Resources and Curriculum Connections

Extensive original lesson plans and education resources that help K-12 educators integrate multicultural, anti-bias, and social justice themes into their curricula. There are lessons about bullying and cyber-bullying as well as resources pertaining to anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. Each edition of Curriculum Connections is organized around a particular topic or theme, and a new edition is published approximately two times per school year. There are many free lessons with teachers’ guides on the website to download, as well as other materials for sale.

Visual Midrash from the Tali Education Fund Collections

We are living in a world that almost daily offers us new media and new challenges. We are also the latest in a long line of generations awed and wonderstruck by our ancient Jewish traditions and their place in world culture. Visual Midrash addresses both of these realities: It offers you access to a digitized collection of artwork on biblical and Judaic subjects, lovingly gathered over decades. It was created by Dr. Jo Milgrom and Dr. Joel Duman and is based on Dr. Milgrom's archive of art images collected over a lifetime of teaching and pioneering the field of art as Biblical commentary. It is a vast treasury that you can search by subject, period, artist, medium and textual location.

Texts of Judaism. Internet Sacred Text Archive

Archives of online abridged Jewish texts such as: Tanach, Talmud, Mishnah, and etc.

Navigating the Bible II. Online Bar/Bat Mitzvah Tutor

Bible II provides information about Torah portions, biblical history, biblical figures and the haftorah melodies. The following study sections are available: “Translation,” “Torah,” “Haftarot,” “Brachot” and “Divrei Torah.” Also, it provides a calendar for Torah portions, an audio singing section to learn Torah trope, and a genealogy section of biblical figures.


Kakatuv is an online siddur (prayerbook). You choose between Reform, Conservative and Orthodox versions. Then you select a prayer of your choice. What appears is a page with the prayer in Hebrew, transliteration, and English. The English is not gender-neutral, but it is printed so that it corresponds to each Hebrew (and transliterated) phrase.

Mechon Hadar

Mechon Hadar offers a wonderful resource for leading services of all sorts, but specifically a children’s Shabbat service. There is a free downloadable children’s service outline and printout with all the songs and prayers in Hebrew, English, and transliteration. There are audio files to teach you the melodies as well as the activities that accompany each step of their children’s Shabbat service.

Hava Nashira Jewish Songleader and Music Resource

Hava Nashira ia a Resource for Jewish Songleaders, Songwriters, Performers, Music Educators and all those involved in the transmission of Jewish heritage, religion and culture through music. Songsheets and advice about effectively teaching music included.

Zemirot Database

Zamirot is a user-editable database of zemirot and liturgy. You can choose what to teach, make a songsheet with Hebrew, transliteration and English translation, and actually listen to the melody in preparation. You can upload your own versions of the zemirot as well.

Hebrew for ME by ZigZagworld

Visit ZigZagworld for online games and click- and-print handouts for teaching Hebrew.